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Traditional lenders have yet to reform their lending standards in such a fashion that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to borrow once again. The events that caused banks to tighten their standards still have a firm grip on most of them. However, private commercial funding has gained much ground. In fact, it has become the mainstream in lending. Borrowers realize that private money investors are now their most reasonable and easily accessible source for funding today. Private lenders are much more flexible and can offer more creative methods of financing over banks.

We have a relationship with a number of private money lenders that specialize in many different commercial project types to include commercial real estate as well as residential real estate investments. Whether it be an Acquisition, New Construction or Refinance, we know which lender funds specific niches of commercial projects and we will present your project directly to that lender. Most lenders we work with require a minimum of 20% to 30% (cash/equity) injected by the borrower. JV partnerships will require the borrower have a cash/equity position as well. Typical commercial closings occur in 30 to 90 days. However, in some cases as with more complex deals, closing will take longer. We also connect clients with loans for Refinancing with a term up to 25 years in some cases and an LTV as high as 90%. To learn about all of the projects that our lenders will fund, see our Projects page. We can not accept or consider brokered deals unless you are one of our qualified correspondents. Our services assist principals directly.

Our clients enjoy the transparency of our process. It’s something that they can understand. We also believe in having an ethical relationship with our clients. And we want to earn your confidence and trust. From time to time we come in contact with independent correspondents who have clients who are seeking funding. These correspondents are not employees of the PCFC Group, instead we work with them on a partnership level. Our partnership with the correspondent costs you nothing extra. In fact, the fee we charge on each loan is shared with the correspondent with whom you may be working. No additional fees from us are ever tacked onto the loan.

There are third party direct costs that the borrower may incur during the funding process such as an appraisal or a survey. However, we DO NOT charge any upfront fees. We are paid based on performance only. If your request is declined, we are not paid. We are not employees of any lender(s), private funding sources or third party servicer. We work full time, for you. We can save you the time you would normally spend shopping around and thousands of dollars in underwriting junk and broker fees. We will already have done the research for you to identify and connect you directly with the funding sources (the check writers) who may be interested in funding your loan request.

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